Company Profile

Cefalo Nepal, registered in 2020, was established to provide entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations with the best technology know-how, guidance, and support to achieve efficiency and growth. Cefalo Nepal is an information and communication distributor. Providers of technology products and services (ICT) in Nepal. Cefalo Nepal offers a full range of products, solutions, and services in two key business areas: ICT Infrastructure and IT Business Solutions, designed to create value and support business growth for its customers. Cefalo Nepal offers you high-quality POS (Point of Sale) products, retail store security and automation equipment, high-quality product labels, and paper products.

We can supply you with state-of-the-art products; In return, you could offer your customers the best service. Cefalo Nepal caters to a wide range of clients from different industries. All customers, big or small, are given due attention to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Sectors with price labelers, POS printers, barcode accessories, EAS devices, shopping carts and baskets, paper rolls, ribbons and cartridges, paper labels and shrink labels
. Realizing the growing demand for services Supported by the increasing use of IT products, Cefalo Nepal provides exemplary services to its valued customers.

Cefalo Nepal is a private company run by energetic young people who have experience in the IT field for more than 10 years. We are proud of our team as they are willing to work and face difficult situations as they will advise you on projects to reduce risk and improve productivity. More focus on customer needs and satisfaction. Our dedication is to providing customers with wonderful products and services.

We not only offer services and products but also make sure our customers are satisfied and get support soon if any problem arises soon. Customer privacy and security are highly valued. A quality product is provided with the best support system